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LB Group article | Companies House: Compliance with the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCT Act). A Legal obligation.

Who we help

At LB Group, we support and advise our business contacts, their families and our local community with our expert and technical financial knowledge.

Your trusted adviser

From tracking expenses and revenue to managing cash flow and tax obligations, we invest our time in getting to know you. We consider both business or personal financial objectives, understanding our client’s role in the business and any related pressures or external factors.

By working together with our clients and across our service expertise, we ensure we are delivering advice for the bigger picture and how it impacts your wider business or personal financial objectives, saving you time and money in the process.

We support SME & Private Individuals with accountancy and business advisory services.

Who we work with


Many of our clients are well run owner managed businesses. We are currently advising hundreds of SMEs on their business expansion plans, so they can control their growth and maximise their potential as they scale.

Large Corporates

Our team is well versed at providing accountancy and advisory services for large corporate companies. We understand the different needs and pressures of a larger scale business and tailor our advice accordingly to ensure the best possible results.


We work with risk takers, those who have a business idea and take a chance on making it happen. We have decades of start-up experience guiding, inspiring to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


Family Businesses

With family run businesses representing a large percentage of private sector companies in the UK, we have a wealth of experience in advising multi-generational family business clients

Business Owners

We work with many business owners on Succession Planning, an essential took for anyone who wants to ensure the maximum return on all those years of personal investment.

Private Individuals

Our experts work with clients to ensure they achieve their personal financial objectives, including tax advice and mortgage solutions. We have the specialist knowledge to help you enjoy the present, while working with you on planning for a secure future.

What sets LB Group apart is not only your professional competence but also the positive and friendly attitude that permeates every interaction. Your team has consistently demonstrated a genuine interest in our business, fostering a collaborative and supportive partnership. This positive atmosphere has not only made working with LB Group a pleasure but has also created a conducive environment for open communication and shared success.

Ryan Jiggens
Maze Logistic Solutions Ltd

Find out how we can help you

Whether you are an established business, start up or looking for personal financial advice, our team of expert accountants, tax consultants, and business advisers can help.