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Corporate Finance

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We provide corporate finance advisory services to individuals and businesses. Our services range from advising clients on the acquisition or disposal of a company and advising on management buy-outs to obtaining funding for acquiring a business or property and working capital requirements. We use straightforward, understandable language. The Director you meet at the first meeting will be the Director leading the work. We combine significant accounting, banking and taxation expertise to ensure that your transaction completes smoothly.

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How we help

Funding from Banks and Specialist Lenders

We have a substantial network of banking contacts within the mainstream, challenger, and more niche specialist lenders. Our knowledge of the debt markets means we only place your proposal with funders with the proper appetite to lend for your specific needs.

We advise on all aspects of debt financing and refinance existing borrowing, including invoice finance, asset finance, trade finance, cash flow loans, property investment, and development.

Business Acquisitions and Disposals

Buying or selling a business can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the process. For us, it is our day job. We will set out for you, in simple terms, the steps in a business acquisition or disposal. Using our extensive corporate finance database, technology systems and web-platforms, we can reach known vendors and purchasers of businesses in your sector.

We will be with you at each step in the process, listening to and understanding your requirements and objectives and providing you with pro-active advice. We will work closely with you throughout the process assist you with the negotiation of terms, undertake due diligence and manage the legal process through to completion.

Management Buy-outs

Acquiring a business from your boss or the company’s founding principal is a complex process. A significant aspect of our work is to act as the buffer between you and the existing owner throughout the MBO process, communicate effectively with advisers on contentious issues, and protect the personal relationship you have built up. An essential part of the MBO process is finding the right funding partner for your acquisition: one who shares your vision for the business and can provide you with the capital to acquire the business and the working capital to allow the business to continue to grow.

Tax Strategy

Tax strategy is a critical component in corporate finance transactions, with the structure of a deal having different tax implications. Our experienced Tax Directors ensure that contracts are structured most tax-efficiently. For example, a buyer of trade assets will focus on maximising tax reliefs and allowances on any plant and machinery purchased. Our tax experts advise on the structure of consideration to optimise tax efficiencies for sellers, considering factors such as cash or share payments, deferred payments, and the use of tax reliefs. They also consider potential deferral, succession, and estate planning.

Fundraising and Business Planning

For established businesses looking for capital to expand, restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition, we have access to a broad network of corporate and private investor contacts, including private equity, venture capital and business angel investors. We have knowledge of the type of deals they are looking for and can help present your business case in the best light, assisting with business plans, financial forecasts and negotiation of terms.

For start up business looking to raise capital we can advise on how to structure this, incorporating the tax advice in relation to this which is vitally important taking advantage of the reliefs available.

Strategic Planning / Exit Planning

We are experienced in assisting companies in reviewing their current strategy, considering their short- and medium-term objectives, and creating and implementing a practical strategic plan. In some cases, we can arrange capital extraction without significant share dilution using structured finance and in other cases, we can prepare companies for a whole or partial exit and assist with the disposal as outlined above.


We are experts in valuing companies, and perform company valuations whether for an acquisition, management buyout, sale, due to an exiting party, divorce or just intrigue.

We can use various valuation techniques available to ensure the right method is used for the circumstances, and as we specialise in this area have access to industry data to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends affecting a company valuation.

Due Diligence

Whether looking to buy, invest, or undertake a pre diligence exercise ready for a sale, we can assist you understand key risks areas which could affect the value of a business and the potential ability to sell.

The process of undertaking due diligence will provide reassurance the acquisition, investment or existing position of the company is suitable, and identify areas where improvement or protection may be needed.

Employee Ownership Trust

Employee-Owner Trusts (EOTs) are structures that transfer all or part of a company’s ownership and control to employees. They can be used by shareholders to exit their business and incentivise the workforce.

Qualification criteria must be considered for using an EOT, but there are also some considerable tax benefits for both the seller and the employees. However, EOTs are only for some businesses, and part of our work, together with your legal adviser, is to assess whether this structure is suitable for you and your business.

As a firm, we have assisted with several EOT transactions, with our work consisting of:

  • Assist in assessing whether this is suitable.
  • Consider the structure of the transaction and who will manage the EOT.
  • Work with your legal team to prepare the paperwork to execute.
  • Undertake the valuation of the company.
  • Where required, assist with the funding of the transaction.
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I was very happy with the professional advice received from Stuart Sheldrake and Olly Sharman at LB Group during the complicated sale of my business. Their advice was excellent, and the recommended restructuring of my company accounts resulted in a meaningful tax saving. I would not hesitate to recommend LB Group to anyone seeking guidance about selling their business.

Simon Player
Player Advisory Consultants

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