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Audit Services

An established auditor, our reputation is built over generations. We have the experience and know how to evolve with, and embrace, the changing regulatory environment.


A key component of the regulatory environment is, statutory or not, an audit of an entity’s financial statements. With our established and modern outlook, our team is able to meet the audit needs of our clients whilst following key processes to ensure that compliance requirements are met. Alongside this, we pro-actively engage with clients to understand their systems and business providing constructive feedback to management.

We seek to embrace modern auditing technology, combined with skilled personnel to maintain the standards that we, our regulators, and the clients expect from an audit. Whether you require a statutory audit or other related audit services, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and expertise.

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Other audit related services

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Assurance reports

Assurance reports are assurance engagements distinct from a statutory audit. A common example is where a company is no longer subject to statutory audit, we can independently assure its financial statements.

Other example reports could be:

  • Assurance on benchmarks and indices
  • Assurance on non financial information
  • Occupational pension schemes: assurance about internal controls
  • Banking regulatory ratios
Solicitors Regulation Authority – Reporting Accountant
Solicitors Regulation Authority – Reporting Accountant

We are able and experienced to help you with your SRA accounting reporting requirements, ensuring compliance with the requirements of holding and receiving client monies.

With a long standing history and experience in this sector, we can assist in navigating the SRA rules and provide an independent review of compliance.

LB Group Delivery

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver our audits in a timely manner, providing relevant resources and expertise to work with clients on audit engagements.

We will carry out our audit work to your timetable not ours. Auditing covers SRAs, assurance reports, statutory audits and PIE audits.

“The team were very easy to work with, professional from the outset but utilised common sense.  Always available and aware of our individual requirements as a business, I am more than happy to recommend their services”. Rob Carter, Silent Sentinel

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Need to understand more?

The requirements for an audit can be found on the ICAEW website. If you require assistance and guidance as to whether you require an audit please contact the team.

At LB Group, we audit a range of entities across a number of sectors and industries.  We are regulated for audit by the ICAEW registration number C008467195.  LB Group is registered to carry out the audit of Public Interest Entities. Our audits are risk based, complying with the requirements of the International Standards of audit (“ISAs”), following the process that is expected of a regulated audit firm.

The statutory audit process

Every audit process is bespoke to the engagement and client we operate with. Throughout each we deliver our audits via the below process:

  1. Strategy – after getting to know your business objectives and procedures, we tailor our audit approach.
  2. Planning – our risk-based approach prioritises resources to maximise benefits. We assess daily risks and plan the audit process according to International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).
  3. Fieldwork – we gather detailed information by asking questions, running tests, or collecting samples. This can be completed remotely or at your premises, depending on your preference.
  4. Communication and reporting – we maintain regular communication throughout the audit process.
The LB Group Audit Service Process

The team were very easy to work with, professional from the outset but utilised common sense traits. Always available and aware of our individual requirements as a business, I am more than happy to recommend their services.

Robert Carter ACMA
Silent Sentinel Limited

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If you have an existing, or upcoming, audit requirement, or wish to understand more about the audit process please contact us.