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15 January 2024

Quarterly reporting with use of online software

Client overview

A boutique Tax Law firm that specialises in working with other law firms who do not have internal tax departments. The company have been trading for over six years and have recently focused more on organically growing the business.

How we supported the client

The company has had an online software package for several years but only ever used the functionality for VAT return and bookkeeping processes. A member of our Accounts team met with the company director and demonstrated the internal reporting functions of budgets, cash flow forecasting, business snapshots and management reporting tools.

We implemented the budget report for the future 12 months that will enable the director to forecast growth and look at reaching the levels in which the want to grow at.

The results

With a system which is now working to its full potential, we can access all the key data we need to meet with the director every quarter and review the budgeted vs actual reports.

This allows us to digest the activity of the business and show an up-to-date position of where the company is, what KPI’s need focusing on to enable them to achieve their chosen rate of growth.

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