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16 August 2021

Medical Insurance

With the impact of the pandemic meaning NHS waiting lists are at record highs, and almost five million people waiting on routine treatment, the idea of private medical cover is becoming more appealing to many people and businesses.

Whether it’s reduced waiting times, greater flexibility in facilities and location, or access to specialist treatments, medication or experts, there are plenty of reasons to consider the private route to your medical needs.

And it’s not just for your own personal cover. With a greater focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace now commonplace, a medical insurance benefit could be a welcome additional reward for your staff through a group scheme.

Why speak with an adviser?

You might feel like you know enough to be able to find a policy yourself. But with a range of exclusions, eligibility, costs and time restrictions, you don’t want to find yourself without cover when you need it most. So, here are some of the benefits from speaking with a specialist first:

  • An adviser can work with you to discuss a variety of conditions and covers, including possible future medical issues. They can also highlight the costs of including other areas such as physiotherapy and dental cover
  • With complicated eligibility criteria and conditions, it’s easy to miss something if you haven’t had a policy before. An expert adviser will know all the small print and how to avoid issues later on
  • An adviser can review the whole of the market for you, making sure you have the most appropriate provider and policy for your circumstances
  • If you want to introduce this benefit for your employees, an adviser can find the best cover on both individual and group bases to help you provide valuable and cost-effective support to your staff
  • An expert adviser can monitor the market and your policy for you, ensuring you benefit from better cover or prices at renewal, with no extra work for you.

If you’d like to talk about introducing medical cover for yourself, your family or your employees, or you’d like to review your existing cover, just speak to your team at LB. They will get one of our insurance specialists to reach out to you – and best of all, we don’t charge a fee for arranging cover for our clients.