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1 July 2024

Mastering Hammock Landlord Accounting: A Comprehensive Solution for Property Management 

In the field of property management, Hammock Landlord Accounting stands out as a specialised cloud-based accounting platform specifically designed for landlords. The platform not only simplifies financial management but also provides unique features tailored to property owners’ needs.  

In this article, Emma Cohen, Head of Digital Solutions, delves deeper into Hammock Landlord Accounting, exploring its key features, benefits, and why it is becoming a popular choice among landlords. 

Q. What is Hammock Landlord Accounting? 

Hammock is a cloud accounting solution created exclusively for landlords and property managers. It combines traditional accounting functionalities with advanced property management tools, providing a comprehensive platform to manage rental income, expenses, and financial reporting. Hammock focuses on automating and streamlining property finances, making it easier for landlords to keep track of their portfolios. 

Q. What are the Key Features of Hammock Landlord Accounting 

  • Automated Rent Collection 

Hammock automates the rent collection process by integrating with landlords’ bank accounts. It tracks rent payments in real time, sends reminders to tenants, and alerts landlords of any missed or late payments. This automation reduces the administrative burden and ensures consistent cash flow. 

  • Expense Tracking and Categorisation 

Hammock offers robust expense tracking tools, allowing landlords to categorise expenses related to maintenance, repairs, insurance, and more. Automated bank feeds help capture all transactions, ensuring no expense is overlooked. 

  • Real-Time Financial Dashboard 

The platform provides a real time financial dashboard that gives landlords a clear overview of their financial health. This dashboard includes key metrics such as rental income, expenses, profit and loss, and cash flow. The visual representation of financial data makes it easier to understand and manage. 

  • Integration with Banking Systems 

Hammock integrates seamlessly with various banking systems, enabling automatic synchronisation of financial data. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that financial records are always up to date. 

  • Tax Reporting and Preparation 

Preparing for tax season is simplified with Hammock’s tax reporting features. The platform automatically categorises transactions and generates reports that are compliant with tax regulations. This helps landlords to maximise deductions and ensures accurate tax filings. 

  • Tenant Management 

Hammock includes tenant management tools that allow landlords to keep track of tenant information, lease agreements, and payment histories. This feature helps in maintaining organised records and improves communication with tenants. 

  • Customisable Reporting 

Hammock offers customisable financial reports that landlords can tailor to their specific needs. These reports provide detailed insights into various aspects of property management, enabling better decision making. 

  • Mobile App Access 

With a user friendly mobile app, Hammock allows landlords to manage their finances on the go. The app provides access to all features, ensuring that landlords can stay connected and in control, regardless of their location. 

 Q. What are the Top 3 Benefits of Using Hammock Landlord Accounting 

  1. Time Savings 

By automating tasks such as rent collection, expense tracking, and financial reporting, Hammock saves landlords significant time. This allows them to focus on other important aspects of property management and growth. 

  1. Increased Accuracy 

Automation reduces the likelihood of human errors in financial records. Hammock’s integration with leading bank providers ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded and categorised. 

  1. Stress-Free Tax Preparation 

Hammock’s tax reporting features simplify the preparation process by ensuring all transactions are accurately categorised and compliant with tax regulations.  


Hammock Landlord Accounting offers a tailored solution for landlords looking to streamline their property management and financial operations. Its comprehensive features, from automated rent collection to real-time financial insights, provide landlords with the tools needed to efficiently manage their portfolios. Landlords using Hammock Accounting benefit from increased accuracy, time savings, and improved financial control, ultimately leading to a more successful and stress-free property management experience. 

For more information on any of the points raised in this article, contact Emma at to learn how we can implement Digital Solutions into your business.  

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