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21 June 2021

Debt Restructuring

Managing corporate debt is a necessary part of running many businesses and, in the particularly challenging economic times the world is facing at present, debt is an issue which needs to be monitored carefully.

Whether it’s immediate affordability and cost reduction, changes to your business strategy or future plans for the sale of the company, reviewing and restructuring your debt is an essential tool.

How we can help

The key to such an important aspect of your business is to have expert support throughout. There can often be very difficult decisions to take and you will need experienced advisors to ensure you are making the most effective plans for the short and long term.

Our first step will be to undertake a thorough review of the business situation, the forecasts and previous activity – and what debt is in place. From here, we’ll provide a strategy for the restructuring options you may have and the different scenarios which could impact your choices. We’ll then look ahead at contingency planning and what indicators should be monitored going forward in order to prevent issues from developing.

In addition, if the company has credit rating issues which impede the obtaining of funding, or cause issues in obtaining competitive funding solutions, then we can also advise on ways your credit rating could be improved.

What options are there?

Once we have the full picture and have discussed your plans for the business, there will be some restructuring routes to consider. Inevitably, these will be unique to your company’s situation.

If you are concerned about your company’s situation or would just like to plan ahead to maximise the effectiveness of your plans and avoid any future problems, then let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the right expert. We can help you to not only take action, but to understand your debt structure more thoroughly and help you monitor this with more confidence in the future.