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Company acquisition from a human perspective

With a core value within LB Group, ensuring that clients, and staff alike, should be treated with integrity and reliability, it therefore naturally flowed that any acquisition we would venture into, would be required to focus and protect the staff as much as the clients.

So, when the opportunity arose to acquire Isles & Storer, in 2018, we were confident the transition would be a smooth one.

Founded in the early 90’s and working with a similar culture and client service focus as LB Group, Isles & Storer seemed like the ideal fit. When the time came for Isles & Storer, of Needham Market, to close their doors, LB Group were in the position to absorb all their staff and continue to deliver and expand upon the services they had previously offered.

All staff have settled in extremely well and feel like we have always been part of LB Group. Obviously with a bit of apprehension at first but we were made to feel very welcome by everyone and we soon settled in to our new environment. With very minor changes and a ‘Business as usual’ approach, it has only improved how we work. We are all very happy, and the clients have felt reassured that a familiar face/voice is still on hand to assist them.

Tanya Johnson

For LB as a company, it was a coordinated and strategical move that allowed us to continue with our growth strategy, whilst simultaneously gaining more staff and clients. It was felt that there would be a mutually perceivable benefit on all sides. So, in March 2018, 12 became 24.

The growth, from a company point of view has brought more skills and experience from the joining Isles & Storer team, which can only be of benefit to the firm and all its clients, new and old. The greater resources, naturally, mean a swifter turnaround of work.

There is always an emphasis in regard to meeting the client needs, but from a human angle, how does it feel to have your whole company ethos, culture and values merge into another?

The process was surprisingly smooth on both sides, not to mention exciting, and has resulted in a cemented team.

The most notable and unexpected change, has been the new opportunities the acquisition has provided, and the ability of the combined teams to add value to our clients.

For the Isles & Storer staff, there was understandably a note of trepidation surrounding the merger, but with no job losses and a well-supported and managed welcome from Chris Annis, Director, that soon abated, and was replaced by a mutual enthusiasm. Originally concerned that LB Group may appear too corporate for some of their clients, this was soon put to rest, when clients started to appreciate the benefit of being a client of a larger group, that offered a more proactive advisory service, whilst ultimately still receiving the personal service they had always valued.

The teams have integrated so well, that it’s impossible to tell who originated from where, and now just work with a united approach to delivering the best level of service to all clients.

The Isles & Storer original staff have benefited from the shared professional knowledge, training and opportunities available to them as part of LB Group, something that is not always readily available and practical in smaller practises.

The acquisition and transfer of the Isles & Storer team to LB Group has been managed both professionally and with care by Chris Annis, Director, both from a client and staff perspective. He has already invested time in each of us, quickly assessing what we need to further our development professionally. In the nine months to date, we have already benefited enormously from his insight and support, as well as enhanced technical systems and general ethos at LB Group. The existing staff are all very friendly and I feel that we have gelled as ‘one’ team very well.

Karen Evans

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