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West London Technologies

Evolution Interiors Ltd Testimonial

LB Corporate Finance recently led negotiations between the owners of Evolution Interiors Ltd, advising on the Management Buyout of the business. LB Corporate Finance successfully advised Terry Green on the purchase of company shares from David Cornish providing future growth opportunities for the firm.

Evolution Interiors Ltd is a well-established organisation offering logistical support for furniture suppliers throughout London, also carrying out new and existing furniture installations, relocations, reconfigurations and storage facilities.

“Being involved with a Management Buy-Out is not something I’ve had much experience with in the past. Trevor and his team at LB Corporate Finance were very proficient on assisting me at every stage of the MBO. They guided me throughout the entire process with the upmost efficiency and professional manner starting with leading negotiations and resulting in the completion of the sale of shares. I could not have done this without them and would highly recommend.

Terry Green Evolution Interiors Ltd Testimonial

Evolution Interiors Ltd Testimonial

ClearView Communications

ClearView Communications have been providing integrated electronic and physical security systems for some of the world’s most demanding security applications since 1996. ClearView was initially set up to provide bespoke equipment to the police market. Since then, ClearView has branched in to supplying a range of security products, to a wide range of different market sectors. The company look after sites ranging from residential houses, to primary schools, to large multi-site corporations.

Clearview previously used Sage Line 200 to manage their business finances, which they found very cumbersome and labour intensive.

The company decided they were looking for an online financial solution which gave them greater efficiency in terms of accounts administration and lower support / annual license costs. They also wanted an integration with Xero payroll and transactions direct from their bank accounts.

When asked ‘what are the benefits to managing your business finances online and cloud based?”
Company director Chris Wilson responded: –

“A benefit of managing our business finances online and cloud based has reduced the levels of paperwork that had to be managed and stored. The accounts department has now moved a long way to becoming “paperless”. Also, there is no more purchase invoice entry as all invoices are scanned or posted to receipt bank where they are automatically entered and read by the system. Invoices are stored with the transaction in Xero and this allows me to view all accounts documentation daily even when working away from the office”.

“My favourite functionality on Xero is the receipt bank integration and direct feeds into the companies’ bank accounts which have reduced the administration time by about 50%.”

LB Group assisted ClearView with the transition between Sage Line 200 and Xero, ensuring they had plenty of help and support with managing the transition resulting in a smooth process.

“Xero helps to run and manage my business more efficiently as receipt bank and the auto bank reconciliation dramatically reduces administration time. I would highly recommend the system to other business owners”.

(Chris Wilson – Clearview Communications)

ClearView Communications

“Throughout my career over many years and across Europe, LB Group are the best accounting partner relationship I’ve experienced.  Richard Lane, Hannah Brookes and the team always provide an excellent standard of service on technical  matters, tax, guidance on operational finance and all with the speed of an internal employee.  This supports us enormously in scaling our financial and operational infrastructure at the right frequency as Doctify continues to grow.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard Lane and his team at the LB Group .”

(David Carolan – Doctify)

David Carolan – Doctify

Angela Byland – Gardenature

“Gardenature has been a client of LB Group for over 4 years. Magnus Baird is a great help with our day to day accounting but also helps with future aspirations and consulting for the business growth and direction.

LB Group has affected our business dramatically through huge savings over the past few years with regards to efficient tax planning. Magnus is a brilliant advisory in so many ways to our business and is always happy to give us the various options available when making large business (even personal) financial decisions.  We would use him in a consulting way rather than any bank manager or other business consultant, he is the whole package.

The LB Group team also help me with PAYE and nothing is too much trouble they are friendly and informative.

My favourite thing about LB Group is the fact I can just pick up the phone or email at any time if I have a question or problem and someone is always there to help me, all the departments have the same helpful manner & I know the advice given is the best for my business.

I would highly recommend LB Group and have done many times”.

 (Angela Byland – Gardenature)

Angela Byland – Gardenature

Damon Goodyear Daro Products

“Daro Products have been a client of LB Group for 17 years, we have been with them since the beginning in July 2000. Paul Mustoe has been our main point of contact throughout this entire time, he has always been on hand to discuss any of the challenges we have faced from the start up business through to growing a group of companies that now comprises of 7 Ltd companies with 45 staff turning over £4 million +. Paul has helped us with structuring the Group and advises us on the most tax efficient way to run our businesses.

We would consider our business relationship with Paul and LB Group as excellent, our business is built on strong relationships with our customers and suppliers and we try to only work with companies with the same ethos which we have always found with LB Group. Our business has grown with LB Group which means we have been able to take advantage of the over services LB Group have added over the years from investment and legal advice to business acquisitions.

With recent acquisitions LB Group have been with us every step of the way, from initial meeting through to completion.

I would highly recommend LB Group and have done a number of times over the years”.

(Damon Goodyear – Daro Products)

Damon Goodyear Daro Products

Damon Goodyear Daro Products

Damon Goodyear Daro Products

Dave Camp Pioneer Fabrications Ltd

“Other than the obvious platitudes, extolling Stuarts’ depth of knowledge, client commitment, attention to detail etc, etc. which can be sourced from many a good accountant, I would have to say it is, as Mr Carson used to say, “It’s the way he tells it”.

Stuart from LB Group,  does indeed have all the knowledge and commitment, but he connects and relates to our many and diverse requirements, as though it actually means something to him, as well. The development and growth of our business, over the 10 years we have dealt with Stuart, would have been a different story. He has added technical support, confidence and a sense of reality and humour to our journey!”

(Dave Camp  – Pioneer Fabrications Ltd)

Dave Camp Pioneer Fabrications Ltd

Keith Spicer IAVNA Client Testimonial

“IAVNA Ltd have been a client at LB Group for the past 10 years, LB has helped our company tremendously to organise the restructuring of the businesses as well as provide personal wealth management advice.

I would class our business relationship with LB Group as excellent, we couldn’t ask for a more professional company to deal with. With the assistance of Stuart Sheldrick from day one I knew that we would be dealing with a proactive accountancy firm that would help me meet and exceed my business goals.

There are so many talented individuals within the group, each experts in their field and entirely focused on achieving a high standard of work for their clients.

I recommend LB Group to my clients that are dissatisfied with their current accountants knowing that they will have wished they had moved to LB a lot earlier after switching”.

(Keith Spicer – IAVNA Ltd)

Keith Spicer IAVNA Client Testimonial

Daniel Jung from Doctify Client Testimonial

Doctify has been a client of LB Group since the very beginning of Doctify itself in 2014. During our 2.5 yearlong LB Group has assisted on an almost daily basis with any accounting and payroll topic to allow Doctify to grow from 3 to over 30 people. LB is proactive and provides real-time help and great ideas to save or claim funds on the back of our activities. Doctify’s relationship with LB is strong, – professional with regards to our tasks and challenges and always pleasant on a personal level.

From the beginning, Richard Lane has provided Doctify with swift and proactive advice and services. This gives the management of Doctify the freedom to focus on building our business.

Working hours in a start-up are not always ‘standard’, questions on accounting or payroll can arise at any moment. Therefore, what I enjoy most is the availability of our main contacts at LB, namely Richard Lane, Hannah Brookes and the Payroll team – the team is available to answer questions at almost any time of the day which means a great deal to us at Doctify. I would absolutely recommend Richard Lane and his team at LB Group and I have done actively”.

Daniel Jung from Doctify Client Testimonial

LB Group Testimonial: Daniel Jung - Doctify

Daniel Jung from Doctify Client Testimonial


LB Group Testimonial: Daniel Jung – Doctify

LB Corporate Finance recently led negotiations between the owners of Airfield Lighting Systems UK Ltd and advised the buy-out team on the Management Buyout of the business.

Airfield Lighting is a successful provider of lighting services to the airport business. Keith Spicer has purchased the majority shareholding and is looking to expand the business in the future.

“As I had little experience of such transactions the advice I received from LB Corporate Finance was very valuable.  They provided advice regarding the funding of the deal, led the negotiations and monitored until completion. This enabled me to keep focus on the business.’’

Keith Spicer, Managing Director, Airfield Lighting Systems UK Ltd

If you’re considering acquiring or disposing of your business or undertaking a management buyout, LB Corporate Finance are always happy to talk to you and give independent, expert advice. Call 0845 319 6404 or email to arrange a free exploratory meeting.

Airfield Lighting Systems UK Ltd

Management Buyout testimonial

LB Corporate Finance recently led negotiations between the owners of Kea Consultants Ltd and advised the buy-out team on the Management Buyout of Kea Consultants Ltd providing future growth opportunities for the firm.

Kea is a highly successful investment professional executive search firm based in London, placing junior to mid-senior investment professionals across the world. Co-founder Caroline Sage purchased shares in Kea from her co-founder Hephzi Nicol.

“We previously had limited experience of this type of transaction, the service received from LB Corporate Finance was invaluable.  Every aspect of the purchase was dealt with efficiently, the highly professional staff provided responsive and clear advice through every step of the acquisition”.

Caroline Sage, Director – Kea Consultants

If you’re considering acquiring or disposing of your business or undertaking a  management buyout, LB Corporate Finance are always happy to talk to you and give independent, expert advice. Call 0845 319 6404 or email to arrange a free exploratory meeting.

Management Buyout testimonial

Xero Case Study

How cloud is helping savvy small businesses be agile! Xero Case Study

Climbing Trees provide clients with a comprehensive digital service that really makes a difference to their business and ultimately their bottom line. Founded in 2010 their client portfolio is already established across a wide variety of sectors – from communications to homewares, agriculture to health from independents to PLCs.

Prior to using Xero, Climbing Trees previously used Sage to manage all their outbound invoices and reconcile VAT returns for the business, running a system of spreadsheets for cash flow and debtors that were managed manually. At the time, Director Alex Holliman explained “the system was acceptable as we didn’t know any different”.

With regards to an online financial solution, Alex was looking for a system that had ease of use, ease of management and had instant availability of business information.

Since deciding to manage the company’s business finances online using Xero, Alex can now access financial data in real time, rather than waiting for arbitrary updates.  

Xero helps Alex to manage and run his business in terms of invoicing, producing statements, reconciling business bank accounts and sending automated payment reminders.

“Xero just makes the more important part of my business, the finance side run very very smoothly”.

When we asked Alex if he uses the Xero Mobile Application and how he finds it, his response was “Yes! We have done our monthly invoicing at Berlin airport whist waiting for a flight, so it’s very simple, very intuitive and just as good as logging on in a browser / desktop environment”.

Alex then went on to comment “Using Xero is simple, intuitive and shows information in an easy to digest way. I check Xero 2 – 3 times per week”.

When asked how the transition was between Alex’s previous system onto Xero, Alex’s response was

“Seamless – between the team at LB Group and my bookkeeper there was little additional work for me to do – we migrated for the start of our financial year and it went super smoothly. Xero has given me everything that I needed – no problems at all”.

If you are not already using a cloud based accounting package and want to find out more about the benefits of Xero and how it can help you and your business, then please do not hesitate to contact LB Group.

Xero Case Study

Xero Case Study

Blue Tiger Marketing Testimonial

“LB Group has been providing a quality service to Blue Tiger Marketing for 4 years, their advice helps me to have clear thinking and assists me to make the right decisions for the company.

My favourite thing about LB Group is their knowledge of the overall marketplace, very few other accountants offer the service and quick response reactions that I know I will get from the LB Team.  

I value the fact that I have a very experienced Director looking after my business and appreciate the Partner-led approach that LB Group offer.

LB Group are always looking at how best to interpret the rules and help me as a client make the best of all the tax and accountancy opportunities. I would definitely recommend LB Group to others”.

(Tony Clifford, Managing Director, Blue Tiger Marketing Testimonial)


Blue Tiger Marketing Testimonial

Barnes Interiors Testimonial

“Barnes Interiors has had an excellent relationship with LB Group for the last 7 Years, they offer us a unique, personal, friendly and professional service. Working with LB Group allows us to concentrate on our core activities knowing that our tax affairs are being taken care of. We highly recommend!”

Barnes Interiors Testimonial

Anthony Cole Associates Testimonial

“Anthony Cole Associates has been using LB Group services since 2013, after being recommended by a business associate when starting up the business. We have been very pleased with the services received to date; our main point of contact Stuart Sheldrick has been professional, informative and easy to reach for queries and in addition the other members of LB Group staff we have liaised with over various issues have also been helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Happy to recommend their services”

Nick Collins – Director, Anthony Cole Associates.

Anthony Cole Associates Testimonial

GC2 Associates Testimonial

“GC2 Associates has been a client of LB Group for over 15 years, LB Group assist us with a variety of services from payroll to year end accounts to management accounting, tax advice, HMRC returns and much more…

Our main contact – Magnus Baird makes sure we feel safe and secure in the knowledge he gives us, LB Group has saved us significant monies in debt collection and tax returns and grants. Would we recommend LB Group? Absolutely!”

GC2 Associates Testimonial

ADS Enterprises Testimonial

“ADS Enterprises Ltd has been a client of LB Group for 7 years. We are extremely happy with the level of service we receive. If ever we have a problem or a question, LB Group is there to give the assistance required. We particularly like that when we contact LB Group’s Chelmsford Director, Stuart Sheldrick, there is an extremely quick response rate, giving us the information we need in order to continue with our daily business.  I would 100% recommend LB Group”.

Terry King , ADS Enterprises Ltd


ADS Enterprises Testimonial

Carringtons Solicitors Testimonial

“Carringtons Solicitors have been a working with LB Group for 5 years.  They assist us with various financial services including business, personal, PAYE and general tax planning.

I would say our business relationship with LB Group is extremely good. I particularly like the combination of upmost professionalism when it comes to the advice and work undertaken, together with the personal service that is delivered in a down to earth, easy to understand manner. Nothing is ever too much trouble and all aspects of the job are talked through and explained in detail.

LB Group have had a massive positive effect on our business. Prior to instructing them, our accounts were completed by a local firm in Nottingham. Whilst that firm completed the accounts and tax compliance work with no problems, that is where the service ended. Not so with the LB Group. The strategic planning advice that LB Group have offered to us and implemented upon our behalf has helped move our business onto another level and impacted on our business at all levels from cash flow through to succession planning.

LB Group are proactive rather than reactive and always ensure that they offer the most up to date advice.

I most certainly would recommend LB Group – Without hesitation – and I have done so.”

(James Fairweather, Partner. Carringtons Solicitors)


Carringtons Solicitors Testimonial

Carringtons Solicitors Testimonial

Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559

“I moved my accounts over to LB Group nearly 3 years ago, and wish I had found out about them earlier. They managed the transition across smoothly and professionally, providing me with fantastic support over the last couple of years. Being a relatively new business, LB Group are always there to help and give advice, answering any questions or queries I have had along the way.

I can always rely on a speedy response whether via phone of email and I am always extremely confident in the advice that I am given. They   always look to find the best option/solutions for my specific business   and are happy to explain the reasoning behind it.

I love the personal   experience that I receive with LB Group and would highly recommend their   services to businesses big or small going forward.”

(Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559)

Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559

Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559

Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559


Victoria Kemp Refinery 1559

Lukasz Nowakowski Konditor and Cook

“LB Group assist with preparation of year end statutory accounts, they help me to compute and file corporation tax, personal tax for directors, along with offering various advice and answers to ad hoc questions that might arise.

I would consider our business relationship to be very good, working with LB Group has helped make huge tax savings through their highly competent advice.”

(Lukasz Nowakowski, Finance Manager, Konditor & Cook)

Lukasz Nowakowski Konditor and Cook

Lukasz Nowakowski Konditor and Cook


Lukasz Nowakowski Konditor and Cook

Steve Eagles Barnard Cook

“For the last 8 years, LB Group has looked after our 3 companies, as we have found that by having a coordinated response they are able to offer cross company advice that we would not get if the companies were independently represented. LB Group also represent our directors on a personal level further ensuring we receive a rounded approach to our tax affairs.

We have an excellent relationship with Mark Middleton from LB Group. He takes a personal interest understanding our business as much as we do.  This allows him review and amend his advice as our business changes.

We know that LB Group are only an email or phone call away and this gives us confidence to take business decisions quickly, we feel safe in the fact that LB Group have the ability to respond to us quickly and get reassurance on matters.”

(Steve Eagles, Director, Barnard Cook)

Steve Eagles  Barnard Cook)

Steve Eagles Barnard Cook)

Steve Eagles Barnard Cook

Nick Athienitis P A Finlay

“LB Group have worked with P A Finlay for approximately 4 years, throughout this time they have assisted with a whole host of financial services such as annual audits, business reorganisation plans, financial planning, shareholders issues, renegotiating bank funding, future business plans and cash flow forecasting.

Along with Corporation Tax and VAT issues, Pension and investment advice, Inheritance planning, Property development and investment advice.

We consider our business relationship with LB Group to be very strong, the company are very proactive, very personal and we enjoy the bespoke service dealing with our senior partner.

LB Group has opened up a spectrum of new sources of information to help us manage our business, with a better understanding of our future goals and requirements. We also have much better business management information at an early stage, and our annual accounts are submitted very soon after our year end which is highly valued by our clients.

P A Finlay would highly recommend LB Group without hesitation”

(Nick Athienitis, Managing Director, P A Finlay & Co Ltd)

Nick Athienitis P A Finlay

Chris Wollen Ergro“I have worked with LB Group for 17 years, they help us with our accounts, audit, business advice, strategy planning and financing.

Our business relationship with LB Group is second-to-none, they play a very important part of the company’s financial team. LB Group has helped us through the good and bad times and have always given us a consistent level of practical advice.

My favourite thing about LB Group, is that it’s a relationship! I have access to the senior Partners at all times and they never let me down.”ergro-logo

Chris Wollen Ergro


Chris Wollen Ergro

Elene Marsden  Hangouts 4 Business

“My decision to appoint LB Group to manage my accounts at the beginning of this year has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The switching process was handled very professionally and the support I’ve had over the last few months has been fantastic.

My first VAT online submission with LB Group has gone through without any problems, in fact you checked all my calculations before my accounts were submitted which was very reassuring. Thanks so much for your excellent service and for answering all the questions I’ve had over the last few months.

I would 100% recommend LB Group to others!”

(Elene Marsden  Hangouts 4 Business)

Elene Marsden Hangouts 4 Business

Elene Marsden Hangouts 4 Business


Elene Marsden Hangouts 4 Business

Simon Bennett, CAA – client testimonial

CAA has worked with LB Group for nearly 10 years and we know the service and expertise they provide is second to none.

At CAA our Insurer based clients have various and complicated tax issues to deal with on day to day basis such a vat exception for Insurance companies, brokers, charities and government run organisations and LB Group has always provided professional advice on these complex matters.

I would strongly recommend LB Group, they are more than just an accountant, they really do indulge in your business and deliver great results.
(Simon Bennett, CAA – client testimonial)


Simon Bennett, CAA – client testimonial

Having established Step On Safety Ltd during 2007, the introduction of LB Group to the business has proven to be substantially beneficial.  LB Group support the business providing advice and invaluable guidance regarding current financial matters on an on-going basis.  Services are provided in a timely manner, with professionalism and courtesy; this pro-active approach delivers an excellent quality of service which we would definitely recommend to others. We were very happy to give a client testimonial.
(Liz Lay-Flurrie, Step On Safety Ltd)

Liz Lay-Flurrie, Step On Safety Ltd client testimonial

LB Group have been advising us on various financial issues, making it all so clear. Their advice on long term planning has proved to be invaluable. Staff have a very professional approach, after each visit to our home, we have then received a very detailed report explaining the current situation. We have peace of mind knowing help is just a phone call away.

We have and will continue to have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of this excellent company.

Brian and Drina May, Turner and May Limited

I find LB Group to be an excellent organisation. I appreciate the professional and friendly approach of its accountants and in fact all of its people.

Linda S Russell, LSR Legal

LB Group  have always been pro-active in supporting us in all financial matters and in particular they have helped to improve our personal income levels and the company’s profitability. LB Group are diligent and efficient in all the tasks they undertake for us and we regard LB Group as being an integral part of our business and essential in all matters financial.

Tony Nicholl, Churchill Catering Ltd

Over the past 18 years of business I have used numerous accountants for my businesses, but since being introduced to LB Group I would look no further.  Our business relationship is excellent and they understand what we really need as a business and how to help manage our business too. They look after so many key elements of our businesses from advanced tax planning, payroll, quarterly and yearly financials to personal tax and more recently pensions and R&D claims.  The team at LB Group have saved us vast amounts of money through their expertise and knowledge.

I have on many occasions recommended LB Group  and would continue to do so without hesitation. If you are looking for more than just an accountant that cares and will make a difference to your business, then look no further.

David Bell, Simboc Limited

I have been using LB Groups services for over 3 years to which I am very satisfied with the value, quality of service, professionalism and how proactive the company is. The proactive element is very important to us as is the value for money as this was lacking with our previous accountants. Would highly recommend!

Keith Spicer, Airfield Lighting Ltd

Friendly, quick and painless – excellent staff all round. Need I say more…

Ashley Cooke, Ashca Limited

I have used LB Group services for over 3 years as they offer a straightforward approach delivered with understandable accountancy advice. Highly recommendable!

Paul Mann, Pro-Metal Manufacturing Ltd

Throughout my time as an LB Group client I have received nothing but friendly – no nonsense advice offering a value for money service to which I am very satisfied with. LB Group have saved me personally and my company thousands of pounds through correct tax assessments.

Adrian Rimmer, Suffolk Technical & Logistics Ltd

LB Group have been great at assisting me with tax issues and tax returns whilst working overseas for several years. They are knowledgeable, professional and very efficient. I have been recommending LB Group to colleagues and will continue to do so. A very happy customer.

Mark Haldane, Self-employed

Since moving to LB Group I have been very impressed with the service levels they provide. They are always at the end of the phone with sound advice or available for a face to face meeting on more complex matters. It enables me to concentrate on my day to day business with confidence that my accounting and tax affairs are in good hands.

Guy Fraser, RUP Commercial Risks LLP

We were originally introduced to the LB Group by a family member who had recently started using their accountancy services and was very complimentary about them.

As we were just starting our first limited company, choosing the right accountant was essential and were very impressed when Stuart Sheldrick met with us and carefully explained everything we would need to know to ensure the smooth running of the business, the fees were also very reasonable when compared to other accountants of the same size.

As our primary activity is advising clients on claiming R&D Tax Relief, we work with a number of accountancy firms and can honestly say that LB are one of the best both in terms of competitive fees and excellent customer service.

Over the past 18 months we have seen rapid growth which simply wouldn’t have been possible if not for the on-going support offered by Stuart and the LB Group.

For anyone looking for a new accountant, audit services or specialist tax advice we cannot recommend the LB group highly enough.

Paul Rosser, R & D Consulting

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